Advocacy Group Representations

California Energy Storage Alliance
The firm helped found and represents the California Energy Storage Alliance, an ad hoc advocacy group comprised of a diverse mix of sixteen renewable energy and leading energy storage companies committed to the rapid expansion of energy storage to promote growth of renewable energy and a more reliable and secure electric system.  CESA is actively engaged with policy makers in all of California’s regulatory agencies and the legislature.  Last year CESA influenced amendments and helped garner support for enactment of SB 412, which expanded the Self Generation Incentive Program.  Implementation of the legislation by the California Public Utilities Commission in a rulemaking proceeding will open the way for increased incentive funding for more applications of energy storage.

California Alliance for Choice in Energy Solutions
The California Alliance for Choice in Energy Solutions, or CACES is a group of 185 commercial, industrial and governmental parties for which the firm was responsible for the drafting of a petition filed at the Public Utilities Commission asking that it institute a rulemaking and investigation into how the direct access market can be reopened in California.  The petition resulted in the commencement of a Commission proceeding that is implementing the phased reopening of the direct access market pursuant to SB 695. 

Direct Access Customer Coalition
The firm formed and represents the leading organization of direct access customers with regard to various regulatory matters at the Public Utilities Commission. DACC includes the University of California, the California State Universities, retailers such as Wal-Mart, Safeway, Albertsons and Federated/Macy’s, and industrial customers such as IBM, Cargill, JDSU, Oakley and Breitburn Energy.  DACC participates in utility applications and rate proceedings to promote the interests of direct access customers.

Alliance for Retail Energy Markets
The firm represents the largest advocacy organization of electric service providers in California, the Alliance for Retail Energy Markets.  AReM serves as a regulatory advocacy group for both ESPs and the customers they serve, as an active participant in all regulatory proceedings at the California Public Utilities Commission that affect retail competition and direct access rights.  AReM successfully advocated for the reopening of the direct access market, a cap on direct access exit fees, rejection of a proposal to suspend direct access retroactively and an equitable sharing of DWR bond costs among all customers, so that direct access customers were not disproportionately burdened by these charges.

Western Power Trading Forum
The firm assisted in the founding and represents the Western Power Trading Forum, which is a broadly based membership organization dedicated to enhancing competition in Western electric markets in order to reduce the cost of electricity to consumers throughout the region while maintaining the current high level of system reliability.  WPTF actions are focused on supporting development of competitive electricity markets throughout the region and developing uniform operating rules to facilitate transactions among market participants. 

WPTF provides a voice through which members can influence the development of market structures throughout the region.  The membership of WPTF includes energy service providers, scheduling coordinators, investment banks, wholesale power marketers, generators, federal power agencies and municipal utilities, all of which are active participants in the restructured California electricity market. WPTF has a vital interest in the development of a competitive electric market and in the reduction of barriers that may exist in the structure of new markets.  With the assistance of the firm, WPTF is actively engaged in regulatory proceedings at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission.



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